This is a collection of movie scripts (libraries of functions) and parent scripts. The simplest way to include these scripts in your movie is to download the following 'XLib.UpdateUtility.ls' script. Alternatively, in Director authoring environment, select 'Import' and import this script:


Once your have imported this 'XLib.UpdateUtility.ls' script, hit 'recompile all scripts, then, in the message window, type "UpdateXlib()" and hit return. All the scripts will be imported into your Director movie.

Note - the scripts have been updated for DMX2004 compatibility (primarily, changing the syntax for creating timeouts, as well as the way the presence or absence of scripts is checked). If there is any interest, I can upload a DMX version of the scripts

Note - these scripts can be updated directly in Director. Just type "updateXlib()" in the message window and follow the instructions printed out in the message window.

Scripts contained in the xlib include

    Those named "Somethinglib" or "somethinglib.something" are moviescripts, the others are parent scripts. Scripts named "JS_" are Javascript (DMX2004 required for these ones). All others are in Lingo.

    Note that some of the moviescripts need to be named correctly (those movie scripts that use 'static' script properties refer to themselves by name).

    Some additional scripts (not included in the "XLIB" collection) are listed in the side menu.

    First published 25/01/2006