Colour Finder

A simple utility to find the RGB colour value of a pixel on stage. Download the Utility here (8k) and copy it to Director's Xtras folder. Move the mouse around the stage to get a zoomed view of the stage and the colour value for the pixel directly under the mouse.

Screenshot of Colourfinder

Screenshot of Colourfinder

Some useful functions: If its too difficult to position the mouse directly over the colour you want, you can press the space key and 'lock' the zoomed view. You can then click the enlarged pixels in the zoomed view to get the colour value of pixels that were near the mouse. You can also click the rgb value or the hex string to copy them to the clipboard.

Source (Dir 8.5) available here (ZIP archive).

Update (6 July 05)

You can now click and drag the red square box and see the select color in the box while dragging. A small, but handy enhancement. (Thanks to Mahesh R. Menon)

First published 13/06/2005