Open Widget System


The Open Widget Library (OWL) is a collection of scripts for creating various widgets (interface elements). Since there are a number of options for creating single-sprite widgets (such as the Flash components that come with Director, or the fabulous OS Control, as well as the Lingoworkshop?s One-Sprite Widgets), the focus on the Open Widget Library is on creating a more flexible sprite-independent system for common interface elements ? such as a moveable, resizable or scrollable panel that contains various buttons, checkboxes, lists and so on. However, the Open Widget Library can still be used as a ?one sprite = one widget? system and a series of behaviours have been written for simple drag-and-drop use (for example, drag a ?treeview behaviour onto a bitmap and it will create a treeview-type widget using that entire sprite).

Where is it?

Beta 2 is coming soon... (early 2007)

Old Demonstration

The (old) demo below shows a container object, which has two ''panels' containing widget.

First published 15/06/2005