Note: The source files here are 'preview release'. There may be significant changes so don't expect the updates to work smoothly with existing projects.

Preview Release: 3.013 (13 April 07) - Fixed a 'drag and drop bug in the treeview widget Updated If you downloaded Build 12 and got an error "property EnableDragandDrop not found" - you needed to open and close the getPropertyDescriptionDialog box to fix this (code was updated, but the behaviour instance wasn't). This has been fixed now - LW

This is a preview release containing:

  • Bevel Button (v.3.0.0B)
  • Checkbox (v.3.0.2) (Added in Build-005)
  • ColourPicker (v.3.0.0B) (Added in Build-009)
  • DataGrid (Added in Build-007)
  • ListBox (v.3.0.2) (Added in Build-004)
  • MenuItem (v.3.0.0B002)
  • Menu (contextual) (v.3.0.0B)
  • Popup Menu (v.3.0.0B002)
  • ProgressBar (v.3.0.0B) (Added in Build-005)
  • RadioButton (v.3.0.0B) (Added in Build-005)
  • ScrollBar For Text Sprites (v.3.0.0B) (Added in Build-004)
  • Slider (v.3.0.0B) (Added in Build-005)
  • Tabbed Box (v.3.0.0B)
  • TextBox (v.3.0.0B)
  • TextBox.Scrolling (v.3.0.0B)
  • Treeview (Added in Build-005)

Still to come:

  • ImageDisplayer
  • Stepper
  • TextBox.Editable
First published 09/06/2005