Script Search

ScriptSearch is a 'MIAW Utility Xtra' (a director movie you add to Director's Xtras folder and access via the Xtras menu). It provides an alternative interface to searching scripts. It has the options to search words only and to be case sensitive (like the built in search interface) and to use regular expressions (unlike the built in search interface). Clicking the resulting member will open the script editor window to the matching line. If there are more than one matches in the member, then repeated clicking will cycle through all the matches in that script.

Screengrab of Xtra



Download the MIAW utility here and install it into Director's Xtras folder. Note: Requires PregEx Xtra (free from


Theres are a few other options, including

  • FindAll by Alex da Franca: Heavy duty search and replace with more features than you could throw an Microsoft Office engineer at (though, in this case, thats meant as a compliment).
  • lingo-scripthelper by Hanford LeMoore: Another feature rich alternative that provides a helpful context for matches. Also, it doesn't appear to require the PregEx Xtra (but is therefore a little slower)
First published 10/04/2007