Flight-Check: Cast Members

Director Flight Check: CastCleaner is a 'MIAW Utility Xtra' (a director movie you add to Director's Xtras folder and access via the Xtras menu). Cast Cleaner lists all the cast members that it thinks are not being used. Clicking on a list item will open the cast window and select the relevant cast members. Delete any selected cast members at your own discretion (the tool will not delete anything - just select members it thinks are not used)

Screengrab of Xtra

It follows these simple rules to determine if a particular cast member is being used:

  • Assumes all scripts are used;
  • Assumes any cast member placed in the score is used;
  • Assumes any cast member that is referenced in scripts is used.

Note - one limitation is that lingo expressions are not evaluated. That means that if you have a script that references a member like this:

sprite(me.spriteNum).member= sprite(me.spriteNum).member + 1

Castcleaner doesn't attempt to evaluate this to determine which cast member the expression 'sprite(me.spriteNum).member + 1' refers to.


Download the MIAW utility here. Note: Requires PregEx Xtra (free from OpenXtras.org)

Get the basic script is here.

First published 10/04/2007