Flight-Check: Xtras

Flight Check: Xtras is a 'MIAW Utility Xtra' (a director movie you add to Director's Xtras folder and access via the Xtras menu). Its function is to trawl through all your scripts looking for occurances of 'global functions' that require an Xtra, as well as all 'named' Xtras. All the required Xtras are listed in a tree widget. Clicking on the Xtra shows which scripts use the Xtra.

Note that to find unnamed Xtras (eg BuddyAPI which provides 'global functions' and does not need to be instantiated), this script relies on a Director quirk which puts a string representation of theXtra providing the global functions when you attempt to 'put' the function into a variable. Therefore, the script will not be able to find any attempts to call a missing Xtra

To find 'named' xtras (ie xtras that are instantiated - eg FileXtra), this script simply looks for the 'xtra' keyword followed by optional parenthesis, and then the name in quotes. Therefore, it will not find xtras instantiated by using a variable name such as obj = xtra(myvar).new()

Also note, when looking for 'used' Xtras, this script will try and ignored any commented out lingo. However, when looking for named xtras, it will also look in comments (since I often mention the required Xtras in the preamble of a script).

Here is the MIAW Xtra. Install it into Director's Xtras folder.

Here is the main script.

First published 10/04/2007