Wishlist and survey

Director has been under threat for a few years now - but it has a long and rich history and a strong developer community. With some improvements, it could be many things. But what improvements? What is it used for? Can or should it compete with Flash, Real Basic, .Net, Unity, Java? The wishlist below attempts to group features requests into several categories: *Authoring improvements* (to make life for long-suffering developers just that little bit easier); *Projector Specific* and *Shockwave Specific* features and improvements (to help sell Projectors and Shockwave); *lingo* improvements; and *general improvements*. Feel free [WIN]Add your own features and suggestions (opens window)|/wishlist/form.html|512|342|Form[/WIN]. If there is enough suggestions, we'll do a survey on whats considered the best and most important.
First published 25/10/2005