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"Football isn't a matter of life and death. It's much more important than that"
- A Richmond Supporter poet/philosopher

Footy combines the artistic grace of Russian ballet, the wierd intensity of a JG Ballard novel, the brutality of a medieval dentist and the raw passion of great white shark feeding frenzy. And the greatest footy team on earth is the MIGHTY TIGERS. See Richo hang 20 feet in the air. Marvel at the speed and leap of Bling, the skills of Lids and the fierce determination of Jake shaping up to toothless monsters three-times his size. See Axel snatch the ball from the centre, charge forward, bang through a goal and job back to position while everyone else stands around waiting for the first bounce. See Coghlan disappear benath a swarm of Essendon gorillas and emerge moments later with the ball, a distant look in his eye and unruffled hair. Marvel at the determined bravery as Tuck crashes through a pack of St Kilda fancy boys with eyes only for the ball. Be amazed at the strength and skill of Bowden who plays with the (apparent) stress levels of the Dalai Lama having an afternoon nap. Be in awe of the new kids carrying the hope and dreams of an army of supporters who haven't let 25 years of failure dampen their passion for the mighty Tiges. And remember this year, 2008 - because this is the start of a new era. You will want to be able to say "I remember Cotchin's first game", or "I remember that day in Connor's second year when he absolutly blew Carltank away" or "I remember the year that Lids kicked his first bag of 12 against Scumwood."

Richmond fans have often depicted Collingwood as representing the worst stereotypes of the working-class; profane, unruly, aggressive and obnoxious. On the other hand, Richmond has depicted themselves as representing the best aspects on the class; passionate and tough.
Personifying the difference was a TV show hosted by ex-Richmond Captain Jack Dyer, and ex-Collingwood Captain, Lou Richards. There was Dyer, a magnificent physical specimen whose mere presence commanded valour, strength and dignity. Besides him was Richards; a sly little weasel who would rob his own mother if given half a chance.


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First published 15/06/2005