ScrollGame Engine v.16

Generating big maps (such as 300×1000 tiles - 19200×64000 pixels) is slow, but once the map is generated, framerates should be ok. This is because the entire map is not loaded into memory - only the images of the visible tiles are loaded.

To get a list of commands exposed to the console, type HELP. Some useful commands include:

  • NewMap x y (where x and y are the number of tiles wide and high)
  • AddBot x (where x is the number of characters to add)
  • Info
  • MapInfo
  • drawFPS x (where x is 1 or 0)
  • cg MaxScrollSpeed
  • cg friction

Note -Safari can be farily inconsistent sending key-down messages to the console.

Source - not available yet.

First published 29/06/2005