New in version 3.2 - added the Pixel Convolver Effects. These a really slow, but will maybe provide some inspiration. Here's a list of effects:

Ink Effects

Invert, DarkInvert, Overexpose, Desaturate, Soften, Dullen, Experiment

Pixel Effects

Explode, Diffuse, ShufflePixels, InvertPixels, DesaturatePixels, TweakSaturation, SwitchColours, MakeMoody

Pixel Convolver Effects

Blur, BlurMore, Sharpen, NeonGlow, Emboss, RandomConlvusion, PixelConvolve

Grab the main script here, or that script along with the utility scripts in a Dir8.5 cast here.

For a faster way to create blurs, embosses and similar 'convolver'-type effects using inks (rather than setPixel), check out the 'blur' effect in the AnimFX library.

First published 15/06/2005