About the Lingoworkshop

The LingoWorkshop is a site owned and maintained by Medialight Productions. If you are looking for a production company, visit www.meccamedialight.com.au, Australia's leading new media production company.

 The primary contributor to Lingoworkshop is Luke Wigley, one of the principals of MeccaMedialight. Please note - all free source code is available on this site is provided 'as is' without any express or implied warranty. Some code examples are documented, some are not. For the most part, the code and other resources provided here are not intended for beginners. If you are new to Director and are looking for tutorials and simple to understand examples, please visit the excellent Director Online, check out the resources listed at Director Web or the various sites mentioned in the link section. If you are looking for answers to specific lingo questions, visit the Macromedia online forums or subscribe to a list such as Direct-L.

First published 21/03/2005